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Concept Mastery - Ensuring the project vision is optimal for market success
Project Concepts must be tailored to current market demands and circumstances to ensure your project flourishes
Web3 Architecture - Building out the perfect technological solutions for launch and longevity
Without ensuring the technology and branding integrity of a project there is no foundation to build upon and scale
Community Crafting - Guaranteeing your project has a thriving community for an ideal launch filled presale
No matter how technologically sophisticated or innovative a project is, without a carefully crafted community it won't reach it's apex
Blockchain Futurism - Careful planning essential to the lifespan and long term success of a project
H7 only works with founders who want to build a Web3 project and brand with staying power, we ensure this through our long term strategy creation

H7 prioritises results driven operations integrated seemlessly into any project we work with. No two clients are ever the same but we focus on three key areas for success.

01The primary principle of our service delivery has always been integrating seamlessly into your project and team. This is to empower founders and create a powerful feedback loop between us and your decision makers to ensure your vision stays at the core of our service delivery.
02Impeccable timekeeping is essential in the fast paced market environment of Web3. We work with you to set deadlines and timelines for all our work so we both can keep us accountable in our service delivery. That way if agreed deadlines are not met you're entitled to a full refund and an extra $1000 for us wasting your time.
03Providing you with an exceptional Return on Investment is our primary focus. Providing value to them which converts to direct monetary increase and cashflow is the key to client happiness and thus benefits the reputation of H7 itself.
The H7 team has worked with some of the biggest projects and names in crypto for the last 4 years, generating over $20 million in revenue for our clients. We specialise in delivering services which guarantee results and client satisfaction on all levels while working to strict KPIs. H7 Blockchain is fully registered under a Dubai Freezone Company in the United Arab Emirates.
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Joseph Moulton

Having picked the minds of some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Web3 and Venture Capital industries, Joseph has a firm touch on the pulse of where to position a project for success. This translates to providing H7 Blockchain and it's clients with a truly holistic form of actionable consulting.


Enrico Miller

A master of organisation, Enrico has managed and scaled highly effective teams across the Web3 industry and beyond for the last four years, perfecting his craft as he goes. Enrico brings this and a very in-the-trenches level of experience to H7 Blockchain and their clients.


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